Writing a novel: Shameless Self-promotion…do we really have to?


It’s a few days since my paper drama, and given that I promised to write about writing a novel from publication back to concept, we should already be some where in the past. But nope – ‘fraid not, because until I have the revised version (not the bible – The Thinking Tank) in my sweaty betty palm, I am not moving off the spot in terms of timescale. So we are stuck here for a bit, at least. SO we are back to the future, which apparently involves a lot of shameless self-promotion.

A little karma goes a long, long  way…

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That particular turn of phrase is not mine. I have ‘borrowed’ it from Jo Parfitt (www.joparfit.com) and if you are in the market of mass marketing you should check out her website as she posted a great feature on the whole self-promotion thing a couple of days ago. It’s all about doing a virtual book tour with a kind of karmic flavour where you interview someone and then someone interviews you so it all beocmes a kind of interview fest and the one who gets it out there most goes to heaven with their film rights being sold. Great theory (actually I made the film rights bit up, but isn’t it whst we all dream of?) – which is a fab idea…BUT. If you have no followers (sobs into cereal) then who can you offer to help in order to get your karmic returns? Problema, n’est-ce pas (note the injection of a multi-lingual quip)?

Post it!

Something else happened that underscores for me the need for the whole promotional jazz these days – not least the fact that everyone else is at it, of course – and so you start way behind the starting line however ludly you can shout No, the other thing that happened was actually quite shameful. I am giving a 2-hour dance workshop at the weekend (www.guildhallartscentre.com) and have advertised it as always by email – and thought I was doing pretty well on the publicity front. I just met a lady in my village who is a strong supporter of my shimmy and shake classes and she enquired as to when the next class would take place. Guess what? She’s not on email. Why, she asked, hadn’t I just put up a poster in the post office window? Why indeedy? And she was really disappointed as she has a commitment that time that she cannot break.

Let your little light shine!

My point? Well, maybe (we can persuade ourselves) we have a duty to promote what we have achieved and what we are putting out there for other people  to enjoy (insh’allah, God willing  – lived in the Middle East and can’t break that habit). There is that niggling piece of scripture that tells us not to hid our lights under bushels. Maybe we can stretch the meaning such that we should ditch the bushels all together and strap on a searchlight so we can be found by the entire world. Then there’s that other niggling feeling that maybe I am crap at this because I am scared to be good at it – since I know I am darn good at marketing other people’s stuff. Oh God, that scared word again. From this moment on I banish thee, scaredness. I am going to be SO out there…if I can just get the bits of this bloody bushel out of my hair…


About jaedewylde1

Author of The Thinking Tank (Summertime Publishing Sept 2011). Love writing and belly dancing, travel, theatre, good company, great wine and yummy food. Have experienced a great deal of life's crappy stuff...no doubt there is more to come, but in the meantime Carpe Diem! I did a BA Jt Hons Modern Languages degree at the University of Bristol, and have worked as a teacher, journalist and editor. The Thinking Tank is my first novel (please check it out at: www.jaedewylde.com). I have lived in France, Germany, Spain and the Middle East and now live in Lincolnshire with my lovely husband and two chihuahuas.

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