Writing a novel: The books now sitting in the garage next door…


The errant eagle has finally landed. The Thinking Tank is a real, live, all-singing, all- dancing paperback book.

Visit http://www.jaedewylde.com and amazon.co.uk Also for sale at branches of Walkers Books

Weeks of nail-biting madness while we sorted out the paper glitch (see previous post) and then the delivery hitch (ditto)  – but  even then I managed to be out when my books arrived. Thank you, dear neighbour, for running after the UPS delivery man and rescuing my booty – but even that final leg of the beginning of my life as a published author was not without its drama (Note to reader – I have already confessed to the Drama Queen badge so no surprises here.) .

Got home, saw the note through my door, rushed across to next door, hammered excitedly and smiled expectantly. Ten minutes later and the key to the neighbour’s garage is still missing and the strain of me watching her every move, willing her to find the lost keeper of my treasure, gets too much.  She sends me away, promising to pop round when sesame can be opened. Do you know, I decided there and then that this was just not going to happen. Not now, not ever. The universe had somehow decreed that after all the angsty, spleeny, crappy mess,  I was to be separated from my heart’s desire by a measly, metal up-and-over door.

The big, fat kiss I landed on my neighbours pink cheek when finally she did appear, staggering under the weight of two heavy boxes, definitely took her by surprise, as did the speed at which I administered her thank-you cup of coffee and sent her on her way.

 I tore the boxes open and  held my brand spanking new novel aloft. Well – 160 of them actually.  If this process has taught me anything, it’s to take nothing for granted, and I wanted to make sure that every single Thinking Tank was a Thinking Tank and not some random copy of Fat at Fifty or Compost Now for Curvaceous Cucumbers.

There they all were – a sea of bougainvillea creeping around each of their perfectly formed covers with their perfect, pingy, creamy-papered interiors. My book. At last. In my hall. At home. Oh my God!

One great big blooming phew!

Now if you could all just be darlings and give The Thinking Tank a try, all would be exceedingly well!

And the best news? Now we’ve moved forwards I can start to move back – and tell you all about how The Thinking Tank began…

About jaedewylde1

Author of The Thinking Tank (Summertime Publishing Sept 2011). Love writing and belly dancing, travel, theatre, good company, great wine and yummy food. Have experienced a great deal of life's crappy stuff...no doubt there is more to come, but in the meantime Carpe Diem! I did a BA Jt Hons Modern Languages degree at the University of Bristol, and have worked as a teacher, journalist and editor. The Thinking Tank is my first novel (please check it out at: www.jaedewylde.com). I have lived in France, Germany, Spain and the Middle East and now live in Lincolnshire with my lovely husband and two chihuahuas.

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