Light and hope from the dark, crappy stuff…the Gulf News tells my story


Today Gulf News’ Friday magazine has published the story of some of my Life’s Crappy Stuff.

Even my publisher (The Thinking Tank has told me that she just wasn’t aware of the details of the tragedy that visited my family 13 years ago – 4 January 1999. I guess this is a real indication of the fact that I just don’t believe in sob stories – in being a victim or parading life’s crappy stuff in an unnecessary way. Like the parable of the mustard seed, we all have our pain to bear – and the worst you have experienced is always exactly that – your personal worst. The grief never goes away – you just try to find a new normal any way you can.  So the article linked below, written by amazing journalist, Antonia Hoyle ( is a huge departure for me.

Reactions so far have surprised me – supportive and kind, and some even asking permission to pass it on to bereaved parents so they might take hope from what has been written. Summertime tell me that knowing an author’s personal story can add more depth to the reader’s experience. If in any way my story can lend light to the darkness of bereavement, then it has done some good. Thank you to everyone who has been in contact – and love and light to anyone who has trod a similar path.

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