From the Tank to the TV!


 I know I go on a lot about how life can change in a heartbeat. It can and it does and it sounds dramatic – and it often is – and sometimes it can be in a good way. Phone calls at strange times are, to me, scary things. They rarely bring good news. Emails at strange times  – like when you check your mail in the middle of the night, just because you aren’t asleep and you can – are not so scary. Although the one I got this week definitely is – but again, in a good way. And who knew that it would take me from the Tank to the TV?

These last two weeks have seen The Thinking Tank hit as high as #27 on Amazon Bestsellers charts in Women’s Fiction. Following the publication of my ‘back story’ in the Gulf News Friday magazine in Dubai and the novel’s Amazon ratings, the very wonderful Jeanne Gray contacted Dubai One, the main TV station in Dubai.  As a result, I have been invited to appear on their live chat show, Studio One, this Monday at 7.30pm. Good scary. Scary scary. Scary.


I’ve also got a smashing list of book signings lined up. They are all on my Amazon Author’s Page as well as on my website ( so please do pop in if you around – it would be lovely to meet folks and chat.

You never know what the universe will send. I am so grateful for the terrific support from friends, family, my publisher, bookshops and the wonderful journalist, Antonia Hoyle ( So please keep fingers crossed on Monday night.

Note to self – it’s very uncool to cross your fingers on live TV! 


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  1. Great. You’ll do fine…great “eye-candy” for viewers AND with a compelling story to tell. Think of it as a practice run for your CNN/BBC/France2 etc. follow-ups. Just for drill…go through studio One archives and then YOU answer the questions they pose to other authors. Try a variety of option answers so you’re PREPARED.
    Way back when, I did the Joan River’s Show in New York (coincidentally…they took her off the air soon after) and I winged it!
    BIG mistake.
    I wasn’t (still not) a daytime telly watcher and only vaguely recalled her as a sharp-tongued comedienne. That show; which included Zsa-Zsa Gabor, Jessica Hahn and a discussion on the merits of wearing knee-pads to a party, reached a stratospheric “Cringe Factor” when I saw the re-run. On the Down-elevator, with a fellow panellist, I received the advice: “Next time give short, sound-bite, responses.”
    Pity I didn’t meet him earlier…on the UP-elevator.
    Break a leg.

    ps: BTW…remember your hometown newspaper/radio/TV fans alert for a “bright” to make their gloomy lives twinkle ;^D

    • Thank you, Jack – what fantastic advice – and so kind! Will do my very best not to make a complete plonker of myself – but no promises! I am SO impressed that you were on the Joan River’s Show. I really would be nervous about that one – incredible lady! You don’t happen to know Ellen do you? Just wondering… X

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