The Secrets of a Successful Portable Career


When I found myself ‘expatted’ so to speak, my immediate choice was to turn to my two passions – writing and dancing – to create a framework for my new life abroad. But to do that it takes energy, effort, an abundance of patience and above all other people. Without other people, the isolation of a new country, new culture and the reality of the alone-ness of the ‘trailing spouse’ can turn excitement to dread.

Enter ‘A Career In Your Suitcase’ Expat Guru, Jo Parfitt has teamed up with Career Consultant, Colleen Reichrath-Smith to create a go-to guide to help you find your passion and empower you to create a portable career.

Confronting the issues of loss of identity and self-esteem, this guide offers practical advice – not just lists of suggestions, but real and powerful ways of shifting your vision and reaching out to others to forge your own space on the expat arena – a space that can be popped into your suicase and shaken out wherever and whenever the next transfer takes place.

This is the fourth edition of this excellent publication. I got stuck into my dream of writing novels for a living and The Thinking Tank and Sleeping People Lie were born. When I arrived in the top 50 on Amazon I knew that expat miracles certainly can happen.

A Career In Your Suitcase was a friend when I needed it and absolutely worth its weight in my own personal baggage allowance!

You can find your copy on Amazon right here at this link:

Please take a look at my website for details of my novels and news of events. I am always delighted to visit reading groups who have been kind enough to spend time with my work:

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